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Lyle Krahn’s ‘Wild Photos and the Tales They Tell’

© Lyle Krahn.

The internet is full of photoblogs where you can view the work of hundreds upon hundreds of outstanding photographers, both amateur and professional.  Clicking through them, you quickly become accustomed to a typical site format that involves arraying a collection of photos and albums in a visually stimulating manner alongside a few pages that may serve biographical and “contact” purposes.

Then, you stumble upon the blog of Lyle Krahn, Krahnpix.

© Lyle Krahn. blog’s tagline says it all, ‘Wild Photos and the Tales They Tell.’  Lyle’s site is rich with narrative, both in imagery and in prose.  It’s a straightforward, extremely accessible collection of work that does an outstanding job of conveying Lyle’s genuine passion for nature to his viewers…or is it his readers?  I suppose it’s hard to say.  The website is an amalgamation of a few blogging formats and the result, at least for me, is something truly evocative and enjoyable.

What also sets Lyle’s work apart, in my opinion, is the fact that he presents nature as nature is.  There is less emphasis on making an image appear dramatic or picturesque, and more of a focus on the animals and environments as they are and as we commonly encounter them.  It’s a very ‘matter of fact’ approach to documenting nature that reflects Lyle’s honest and frank attitude.  In other words, a coyote in a golden field should be considered ‘beautiful’, ‘intriguing’, ‘captivating’, etc not because it can be depicted in a stylized fashion, but simply because it is a coyote in a golden field doing as a coyotes do and that in itself is beautiful, intriguing, captivating…

© Lyle Krahn.

This is not the work of a photographer who just happens to photograph wildlife.  This is the work of a bona fide wildlife photographer; someone who passionately experiences and documents nature with an insatiable sense of appreciation, respect, and fascination.  Best of all, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and his humble sense of humor and delightful exploration of his subjects makes his work even more worthy of consideration in my book.

You can learn more about Lyle on his About page and in a post titled Questions No One is Asking.  He can also be found on Twitter @lylekrahn.

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  1. Great job finding and profiling Lyle’s blog. I’ve been following and admiring his work for a while and he is top shelf all the way in both his photos and writing.

    • You’re most welcome. It was a great surprise stumbling across your blog today. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I’m also very sorry to hear about the loss of Quill.

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