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A Blog for Naturalists

Corner of the Cabinet is a visually-rich digital space dedicated to Life Science, Earth Science, Astronomy, and Exploration.

The name is in reference to the cabinets of curiosity of the 16th century that served as precursors to our modern museums and similar institutions. Such cabinets were large rooms, often filled to brim with all manner of natural object from gemstones to animal specimens.

The natural sciences and their related institutions have an unflattering public image. The phrase natural history museum often generates thoughts of old white men in stuffy offices looking over dusty dead animals.

The New York Times recently ran an op-ed about that very perception in a piece entitled, Our Natural History, Endangered. But it doesn’t have to be that way nor should it. The natural sciences are full of absolutely mind-blowing concepts and this blog is here to provide a portal into that wonderful scope of information. Thank you for reading!

“Seize the moment of excited curiosity…”

– William Wirt

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