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Wildlife Live Streams

Want to see wildlife around the world in real-time but are stuck at work, have mobility restrictions, etc? No problem!

For the last two years, Corner of the Cabinet has curated a list of “Falcon Cam Guides” but there are obviously other opportunities around the web for naturalists to experience digital samples of Earth’s biodiversity.

We’ve spent hours researching and vetting the best wildlife streams around the web and are sharing our favorites here. This list will be continuously updated to remove outdated or dysfunctional cameras and to add new noteworthy streams as they arise. Enjoy!


Shark Cam (Cape Fear, North Carolina, USA) – Live footage from beneath Frying Pan Tower, an offshore light tower built in the early 1960’s. Features several species of rays, fish, and sharks like sand tiger sharks.

Kelp Forest Cam (Channel Islands National Park, USA) – Live footage from the kelp forest around Anacapa Island in Channel Islands National Park. There are also occasional live streams led by rangers and researchers.

Cayman Reef Cam (Grand Cayman’s East End, Cayman Islands) – This panning tour of  a reef on the east end of Grand Cayman features a variety of tropical reef denizens.

Okeanos Explorer (worldwide deep sea) – Tune in as researchers explore various parts of the deep sea during actual NOAA expeditions. This is a fantastic opportunity to bear witness to new species discoveries! Note that sometimes the researchers are doing work like telepresence mapping that doesn’t involve live streams of underwater exploration, so keep an eye on the expedition schedule.


Jelly Cam (Monterey Bay Aquarium, California, USA) – Mesmerizing stream of sea nettles in one of the Aquarium’s many Kreisel tanks; complete with relaxing ambient music.

African Penguin Cam (Monterey Bay Aquarium, California, USA) – Whimsical music provides a background for this stream of African penguins going about their day at the Aquarium.

Shark Cam (Monterey Bay Aquarium, California, USA) – A camera featuring some very active animals in the rocky reef exhibit. Keep an eye out for the elusive angel shark!

Ribbon Dragon Cam (Aquarium of the Pacific, California, USA) – watch Ribbon Dragons gracefully moving about their habitat in the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.

North American Birds of Prey (Wild)

Charlo Montana Osprey Nest (Montana, USA) – The sounds of songbirds, the occasional propeller aircraft, and gregarious geese provide a backdrop for this family of ospreys tending to their nest in this stream by the Owl Research Institute.

Great Horned Owl Cam (Montana, USA) – This second stream by the Owl Research Institute provides a glimpse into the life of a great horned owl family.

Chesapeake Conservancy Falcon Cam (Maryland, USA) – A consistently reliable stream, year after year, from the 33rd floor of the Transamerica skyscraper in downtown Baltimore.

Great Spirit Bluff Falcon Cam (Minnesota, USA) – The Great Spirit Bluff peregrine falcons are nesting on a cliff-face near La Crescent, MN, overlooking the Mississippi River.

Decorah Bald Eagles (Iowa, USA) – Watch this eagle family live from their nest high in a white oak tree. The frequent feeding behavior may be unsuitable for some sensitive viewers.


Honey Bee Landing Zone and Inside the Hive (Bavaria, Germany) – A constant flurry activity from the entrance and the interior of a Carniolan honey bee hive. The cam occasionally reverts to a highlight reel when the apiarists need to tend to the hive.

African Wildlife

Mpala Research Center (Nayuki, Kenya) – A live stream straight from a watering hole courtesy of the Mpala Research Center. Hippos, elephants, and other African wildlife are all commonly seen on this stream.

Have a wildlife live stream you think we should include?

Do you know of an outstanding and reliable wildlife camera not on this list? Is this camera consistently active and broadcasting live? Please get in touch and let us know using the comment section below or by sending us an email.


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